Season tickets are revocable licenses that may be revoked by us in our sole discretion, and do not confer any ownership or leasehold rights. The purchase of season tickets for a single Season does not entitle a season ticket holder to purchase season tickets in any subsequent year. Season ticket sales in future seasons are subject to any changes, limitations and/or deadlines that we may adopt. Without in any way limiting its rights, we expressly reserve the right to:

  • Change season ticket policies and prices at any time and for any reason
  • Apply changes differently to different persons or entities, including without limitation persons who are engaged in reselling tickets (whether licensed to do so or not)
  • Charge an administrative fee in connection with any approved correction or change to season ticket holder account information
  • Cancel current season or refuse to sell future season tickets to any individual or entity, including, but not limited to, individuals or entities who:
  1. Fail to comply with any applicable payment deadline or other condition or restriction, whether in effect at present or in the future
  2. Resell tickets to third parties (whether licensed to do so or not)
  3. Engage in a dispute relating to the identity of the season ticket holder of record
  4. Permit use of their tickets(s) by an individual who engages in improper conduct including, but not limited to, possessing any of the prohibited items or engaging in any of the prohibited conduct outlined on the ticket . This restriction applies to all season ticket holders, including authorized ticket agents.
  5. Decline requests for replacement tickets for missed performances. The Membership holder accepts all responsibility for any missed performances.